08/07/2002 - More news...

Mark Pearce wrote:
> Try www.erd.epson.com for the lcd controllers.

Here is another Epson www.eea.epson.com/go/EEA

05/21/2002 - Late breaking news...

My ISP finally shut down my web based FTP access completely. (It's always had problems...) So I have transferred my files here:


I will try to clean up the dead links in the near future. And I have some new stuff to add.

I guess it is time to do that "every 4 year maintenance" thing. :-)

Here are a few new things:

Björn Pfeiffer wrote:
> Hi,
> I've just been looking around for sheets/information on the T6963
> display-controller.
> Here are two updates for your side:
> Fresh datasheet and info from Toshiba (date 2002-01-17)
> html-info:
> http://www.semicon.toshiba.co.jp/bin/contentsTrans.asp?tdfile=/en/bucat_4/bucat_0/bucat_3/td_0/TD.xml
> pdf-datasheet:
> http://www.semicon.toshiba.co.jp/en/bucat_4/bucat_0/bucat_3/td_0/TD.pdf
> The old sheet can be found here:
> http://www.buylinkonline.com/LCD/GraphicsModules/specs/t6963.pdf
> ( Toshiba have a pretty good search-engine for their sheets here:
> http://www.semicon.toshiba.co.jp/eng/search/ft_datasheet.html
> That's how I found the updates.)
> http://shell3.ba.best.com/~beale/measure/source/lcdtest.c is
> broken.
> moved here:
> http://beale.best.vwh.net/measure/source/
> Hope, you're still maintaining the site,
> -Björn


> Joe Schrey wrote:
> Hi,
> A while back I had contacted you about using the SED1330 LCD with a basic
> stamp well I have got it working and thought I would email you some info/work
> that I have done on it. If you wish to add this link to your page feel free,
> so any of your users looking for BS2 code can find something. Thanks again
> for your help.
> http://ertw.dhis.org/Proj-GraphicLCD.htm
> Joe

Original page follows

Updated 9/13/98

Graphic LCD Controller/Module Info

Changes on 9/13/98

Changed the link to Toshiba. Since they keep moving it.
Changed the link to Epson/SMOS. Since they keep moving it.
Added link to Hitachi web site.
Added more info about Hantronix web site.
Added more to the EIO link. It was hard to find the stuff once you got to their site. (And I was tired of following the links every time I wanted something. :-)

Changes on 1/12/98

Added link to Steve Lawther's page.
Added link to John Beale's C code for T6963.
Added link to Toshiba's web page for T6963 PDF files.
Added link to NEC graphic displays.

The FTP intermittently refuses to work, please try later if it fails.

You can access this directly as: ftp://citilink.com/users/jsampson


If you are going to use these types of displays, heed this warning!
The manufactures use the term Vcc-Vee to describe the LCD bias voltage. This is actually a NEGATIVE voltage! (At least all that I have looked at so far are negative. Check it your self before connecting.) Some displays have a negative LCD supply voltage AND a negative contrast control supply voltage. An example of this is the DMF50081 from Optrex. Others have a single negative LCD supply voltage which also controls the contrast. The smaller Optrex displays (like the DMF5005) and the Toshiba displays I have looked at work this way.

Example: From the Optrex DMF5005 data sheet.

Supply Voltage (LCD Drive) Vcc-Vee is Min=8V Max=26V
This means (5V - (-Vee)) = 26V, Therefore Vee= -3V to -21V
Most the manufactures seem to use some variation of this notation. Don't let the unclear documentation destroy your display!

Yes, I should have example schematics and real applications. I am adding these as I get time.

Test - The beginnings of a real application

LCD Controller/Module Data Sheets

These files are in GIF format.
These print out real nice on a laser printer with Graphic Workshop for Windows gwswn11p.zip 925725 Bytes
If you are not from the USA or the above site does not work, go to http://www.shareware.com and search for Graphic Workshop
or try at http://www.download.com/

Hitachi HD44102 23 page data sheet - 1/28/97 (This is just a FAX. So use Hitachi PDF link below instead, if it is working)

Hitachi HD61830 23 page data sheet (This is just a FAX. So use Hitachi PDF link below instead, if it is working)

ocg1.asm A quick project I did which uses a 8751 CPU, Hitachi LM213B display and an ADC0804 A/D converter. This displayed a persons heart beat on an LCD display.

Toshiba T6963 My 42 page data sheet (This is just a FAX. So use Toshiba PDF link below instead, if it is working)

Hithachi has added online data files for their controllers and drivers. Follow "LCD Drivers/Controllers" under the "Product List" selection box. (this requires JAVA)

Toshiba has finally added PDF data files. I found this reference on Steve Lawther's page.(See below) They are currently located here They keep moving these around. So if they aren't there, start at the Toshiba home page.

English T6963 Steve Lawther has rewritten the T6963 data sheet so it makes sense. Here is a testimonial I received: "I downloaded this yesterday, and agree, it's a great re-work of the 'much broken english' translated spec sheet."

Also, there is some C code for the T6963 at: T6963 Source Code By John Beale. Here is a testimonial I received: "I looked through this, and not only is this guy a genious C programmer, it gave me what I wanted in a language I could understand... "

AND1741 module data sheet Equivalent to Toshiba TLX1741 - 1/28/97

Optrex graphics modules
Power Supply Sequencing Info

Sharp graphics modules<>Check the link to Sharp Microelectronics below

Epson/SMOS SED1330 spec sheet, Seiko G2446 module, Sample source (This is just a FAX. So you may choose to use the Epson/SMOS PDF link below instead, if it is working. Or you may want to get both.)
Index of SEIKO page files.
Page 7 Module drawing for G2436 and G2446
Page 17,18 Signal descriptions
Page 31-42 SED1330 Controller Spec Sheets
Page 55 BASIC program to control G2446
Page 59-62 Application Data
SEIKO.BAS Page 55 converted to text file.

Source for Epson/SMOS 1330 controllers

DigiKey is selling the Epson E-1330 controller again. Search for "E-1330BA-ND" on their page. It is about $12.
They also have a design guide for the chip.

Sample code

SED1330 code for 68HC05C8
SED1330.ASM is init code for an OPTREX DMF-50081 display (320x240).
BIGNUM.ASM is a large font character generator for the project.

T6963 code for 8051 toshiba1.asm
Init and test code I used to test a Toshiba TLC-1091 display
This is the test code from the data sheet converted to 8051 and I added a few extras

Other LCD links

I checked DigiKey and found a part called "MAX749 Digitally Adjustable LCD Bias Supply", it is $5.29 in an 8 pin dip or $5.50 in SO-8. It generates the negative bias supply and is good for the sequencing also. You can get the data sheet at http://www.maxim-ic.com/
I haven't tried this part, but it sure looks nice.
Also check out:
MAX1620/MAX1621/MAX1622 Digitally Adjustable LCD Bias Supply
MAX722/MAX723 3.3V/5V Palmtop Computer and LCD Power-Supply Regulator
MAX753/MAX754 CCFT Backlight and LCD Negative Contrast Controller

SeikoLCD descriptions and FASTFAX number


Sharp Microelectronics Data Sheets in PDF format (I see Sharp has chosen to remove their .PDF data sheets. They still have some application notes.)

David Erickson passes this link along.
Epson/SMOS has data Sheets in PDF format SMOS - SED1330, SED1335, SED1351, ...
Check out his article in Circuit Cellar Ink. May 1993 on his custom LCD controller. (He has it online now at following link)
His new line of LCD controllers are now available at Celestial Design Co.

Chris' LCD Homepage More LCD stuff

EIO SurplusLCD, CCD and other good stuff. Also LCD forum
Forum Index
LCD Stuff. This has a link to their spec sheets.
LCD Hyper-email discussion groupUnfortunately, this has gotten too big to be usefull. Maybe it is OK with a fast link.

Hantronix LCDsHantronix has a very good supply of info on their web site:

  • Spec sheets for the following controllers:
    Epson/S-MOS SED1330/1335
    Epson/S-MOS SED1520
    Sanyo LC7981
    Toshiba T6963
    Toshiba T7932
    Samsung KS0066
    Samsung KS107
  • Many application notes. With interfacing and software examples. They also have a great example for creating a bitmap for graphics displays.
  • Spec sheets for the Hantronix displays.
    The following links were taken from Chris' LCD Homepage

    How to control HD44780-based Character-LCD

    Fil's FAQ-Link-In Corner: LCD Technology FAQ

    Fil's FAQ-Link-In Corner: HD44780-based

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