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Kilian's Robot Shop of Horrors - 03/02/2001

Brynn's "Tryclops" project

Laser modulator. This is a precision piece of electrical tape
on the end of a DC motor.

The "Tryclops" eye. A lens and a first surface mirror
glued on PVC fittings.

Brynn trying to focus on the modulated laser spot on the ceiling.

The scope sees it. So he is detecting a
laser spot about about 8 feet away.

Alan's 125Mhz video detector with a laser focused on it.

Brynn's 3-phase motor from a disk drive. This
will spin the "eye" as shown in the diagram.

Brynn sawed this on the bandsaw. He is
finishing the cut with a Dremel tool.

Brynn working on the "Tryclops".

Brynn making another triangular mounting plate for his photo diode.

Bob's "Strawberry Robot" project

Jeff's engine/generator.

Bob replacing the engine with an AC motor.
(Much quieter and less smelly for testing.)

Bob contemplating the next step. (Note the precision belt tensioner.
A 2x4 wedged in-between the alternator and AC motor.)

Bob's notes on alternators.

Ron's "Aquarium Submarine" project

Ron's parts for his aquarium submarine.

The CAD drawings he made from his "egg".

The "egg" on the left shows his magnetic coupling.

Drilling holes in a brass strip for the magnetic coupling.

Ron is making an encoder disk from thin plastic on a dremel tool.

Ron's collection of other small motors.

Ron's original "swimming pool" submarine. This shows the
small motor, an encoder disk, two optical encoders and
a magnetic coupler.

The "flipper" on the outside. It is magnetically
coupled through the plastic.

Someone takes these cad drawings pretty seriously.
He is measuring off the drawing for the mill.

A finished magnetic coupling.
Magnets will be glued in the brass strips.

Other stuff

Bob's Micro Mint boards. An X-10 interface on the left.
An HCS-2 controller on the right.

Bob's Micro Mint relay output board.

Bob's book on PIC processors. It comes with CD and
a blank board for a programmer.

An HP7550 plotter we took apart.

This is how I take the pictures. This is Brynn taking
a picture of me taking a picture of the engine/alternator.

I don't remember what Ron was talking about here...
But everyone is captivated. He tends to do that when he talks.

We're all looking at the HP7550 plotter we have torn apart.

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