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Kilian's Robot Shop of Horrors - 07/12/2002

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Alan had agreeded to give a robot presentation at the Ridgedale library. So we worked to get some robots ready. We had Ron's Microdozer that needed charged. We had Alan's Oscar robot that hadn't run for years. We had Alan's Trippy robot that needed to be reassembled with the rubber wheels that Brynn managed to tracked down. Trippy also needed the PIC-SERVO board attached and some software written. Jeff was going to supply the Earth Explorer for the presentation.

The Earth Explorer was working. And it would stay that way if we didn't manage to blow it up in the mean time. The Microdozer just required a quick charge and a little hot glue.

Trippy took more work. It needed some machining and some assembly work. There were a few surprises that turned up, but it went back together pretty well. We downloaded some drivers and demo code and Jeff hacked some code while Alan made some final adjustments to Trippy. The code actually worked and the thing could rotate and move forward or backward. Alan made a long tether cord to connect Trippy to the laptop computer.

Oscar has dead batteries. Rather than replace the batteries we found a wall adapter that plugged in to the charging adapter and supplied power.

So we came up with 4 working robots for the presentation.


The Earth Explorer

Jeff brought the Earth
Explorer over. Here it is
bothering people as they
drive by.
Alan is driving the Earth
Some real exploring. Out in
the mud, back in the trees.
A neighbor kid driving the
Earth Explorer. The Kilian
house must be legendary. He
never took that bicycle
helmet off the whole time he
was there.
Brynn brought his kids
over. Peter, Benjamin and
Daniel took turns driving the
Earth Explorer.
I think there is a rule. When
you have kids you have to
have ramps.
This tree wouldn't budge. But
the motor drivers didn't burn
up either.
You can see the ramp is
getting plenty muddy. You can
almost see the stick got
pretty chewed up by the
chains on the robot.


After all that fine work on
the lathe a few weeks ago, a
quick touchup with the drill.
Trimming some plastic with a
box knife.
The hole had to be milled out
for the hex shaft. Here the
set screw is being inserted
so the motor can be attached.
This is the tricky part.
Tweezers are being used to
thread in the screws.
All the parts for one wheel.
A closeup of the parts.
The Trippy base reassembled
with a PIC-SERVO board
Making a tether to connect
Trippy to a laptop computer.


Oscar also came out of
retirement. The batteries are
history but it will run with
a tether.
We have yet another
distraction at RSOH. But we
decided this would be a great
remote control test bed.

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