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Kilian's Robot Shop of Horrors

A small group of Twin Cities Robotics Group members meet at Alan Kilian's house. We meet once a week if there is not a TCRG meeting at the Science Museum. We work on whatever is a current project. Sometimes we just discuss robotic or physics concepts.

This has become known as "Kilian's Robot Shop of Horrors" due to some of the experiments that get performed. You can read Alan's account of his scooter project here.

This is an index of events that have taken place at "Kilian's Robot Shop of Horrors".

10/24/2003 Engine/generator, The stepper motor project, New cabinets

08/22/2003 The stepper motor project

08/01/2003 Jeff's web camera, Trippy laptop radio interface

05/23/2003 Terry's robot, Jeff Martin's project, Research 3 robot

05/09/2003 More robot arm experiments, Research 3 robot

05/02/2003 More robot arm experiments, Terry's robot

04/25/2003 Robot arm experimentation

04/22/2003 Mounting a robot on the ceiling

04/11/2003 Opto isolators

04/04/2003 Pretty much random this time

03/28/2003 68HC08, APC UPS

03/14/2003 Crazy hair, Research 3 robot, Cray boards, RSOH editor

03/07/2003 Using Brynn's mill

02/28/2003 Communicating with cars

02/07/2003 Special event - Kid's college

02/02/2003 More milling and machining

01/31/2003 Jeff's laser ranging, Machining parts

01/24/2003 OSMC boards, Jeff's mill

01/22/2003 Brynn's mill (Don't try this at home)

01/17/2003 OSMC boards, Trippy radio

01/03/2003 Marble Madness, Cray boards, Terry's lawn mower robot

11/22/2002 Trippy sensors - Dinsmore compass and rate gyro

11/15/2002 Adding an LCD to Trippy

11/08/2002 Adding an LCD to Trippy, and building a NiCd charger

11/01/2002 Mini Robomind LCD and PIC-SERVO software

10/11/2002 New Trippy and Ron's micro motor

09/27/2002 Trippy TPU serial software

09/23/2002 Welding at Brynn's house

09/13/2002 Mini Robomind, Ron's micro servo

09/06/2002 Digitizer project, color filters

08/30/2002 Earth Explorer, Carpet Rover, Ron's really small stuff

08/12/2002 The Linux robot brain

08/09/2002 New Puma robots and wheel chair motor

07/19/2002 Alan's two Puma 560 smashed-up robot arms.

07/12/2002 Getting ready for Rockin' Robots

06/14/2002 PC board inspection and a motor test bed

06/04/2002 Alan's trip to California

05/31/2002 Machining

05/17/2002 BEAM, Bio Bugs, disassembly

05/10/2002 Puma 560, Weed Whacker, Laser
05/10/2002 Alan's Puma 560 pictures

05/03/2002 New car, microscope, PICs and image processing

04/26/2002 The new microscope, lasers

04/12/2002 Color filters, taking stuff apart

04/05/2002 OSMC, PIC-SERVO, Ron's R/C receiver

03/29/2002 Surface mount assembly of the PIC-SERVO board, OSMC, gears

03/20/2002 The Trippy boards arrive from Olimex (Also a finished board)

03/15/2002 Brynn's linear CCD project, Mark's JStamp project, assembling Lynxmotion boards

03/08/2002 Construcion kit, Brynn's new car, tape drive, 8051, new computer, ice

03/04/2002 Trippy Wheel replacement

03/01/2002 Trippy motor driver, Acer wireless network

02/22/2002 Not done yet

02/15/2002 Not done yet

02/08/2002 A tribute to Seymor Cray, Trippy, Cool headgear

02/01/2002 Microwaves, Trippy motor drivers

01/25/2002 The Angie project

10/26/2001 Strawberry robots

10/12/2001 Batteries, the pick-and-place robot, wax

10/05/2001 A big robot, the pick-and-place robot, cameras

09/28/2001 Pick-and-place, scooter experiments

09/22/2001 Pick-and-place robot cleanup

09/20/2001 [TCRG] We were at the Science Museum this week

09/14/2001 Chargers, speed controls, geophones and helicopters

09/07/2001 Scooters

08/30/2001 Back from vacation

08/16/2001 [TCRG] We were at the Science Museum this week

07/19/2001 [TCRG] We were at the Science Museum this week

07/02/2001 Trippy range finder experiments

06/29/2001 Tryclops range finder experiments

06/21/2001 [TCRG] We were at the Science Museum this week

RSOH went on summer vaction

06/17/2001 Special Sunday edition at Bob's place

06/11/2001 More PCB milling

06/08/2001 PCB milling

06/01/2001 A repair job and something stupid

05/25/2001 Mostly machining

05/17/2001 [TCRG] We were at the Science Museum this week

05/11/2001 TCRoboWars and opamps

05/04/2001 High speed photography

04/29/2001 Strobe lights

04/26/2001 [TCRG] We were at the Science Museum this week

04/20/2001 Coil guns, strobe lights, stepper drivers

04/13/2001 Tryclops, motors, go-carts

04/06/2001 Range finder experiments and sumo wheels

03/30/2001 We skipped this week

03/23/2001 Measuring motor horse power

03/15/2001 [TCRG] We were at the Science Museum this week

03/09/2001 Gasoline power, Tryclops, Motors

03/02/2001 Tryclops, Strawberries, Submarines and plotters

02/22/2001 A night of machining

02/15/2001 [TCRG] We were at the Science Museum this week

02/02/2001 Disk drives, PIC programmers, stackable modules, lasers

01/25/2001 PC Board experiments

Unknown Date Watches and Omin-Wheels

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